Our strategy includes leveraging our strengths; recognizing and overcoming our challenges; and organizing and activating our network.


  • A Global Network: We have a global network of trusted leaders with many more in the US than globally. We have generated a global brand through two non-profit Discovery Channel films, peer reviewed publications, and community of practice in safety. We have great case studies illustrating the gaps in ethics and leadership relating to human resources, financial conflicts of interest, academic fraud, and great examples of truly great values-based leadership.
  • World Class Partners: We have terrific collaborative partners who we are working with in the World Health Organization, Mayo Clinic, and MD Anderson Cancer Center and University of Texas. We have leaders who have committed to and expressed a desire to work with us.
  • A Seasoned Multimedia Team: We have a seasoned group to run global webinars programs with real-time survey capability. We have a production team who can produce broadcast quality short programs, YouTube videos, and continuing education programs that satisfy the requirements for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and allied care givers. We also have a terrific team of award-winning non-healthcare caregiver and patient advocates. We have produced two award winning Discovery Channel documentaries.


  • Formal Leader Activation: Activating local leaders to commit their time and resources to help support caregivers, staff, and patients who are whistleblowers in addition to those who have been wrongfully accused of doing harm to patients or for conflicts of interest.
  • Patient & Family Activation: Patients and families who have been vilified by corporate healthcare who have who have been targeted in order to protect the financial and reputation-related interests of an organization.
  • Love of Whistleblowers and Hate of the Whistle: The public loves whistleblower stories but don’t want to be anywhere near the whistle. We need to help leaders overcome their fear of speaking up that is motivated by their own self-preservation in order to help others.
  • Not Invented Here: When those we work face “not invented here” scenarios and typical bureaucratic roadblocks, we will have to help them.

Organizing Our Network

  • Specific Experts: We will be organizing and working with professional caregivers, researchers, human resources leaders, risk managers, lawyers, and administrators in healthcare as well as patients and families. They are an existing group of collaborators and we will add new players from the top ranked healthcare systems in the U.S. We will be working with lawyers who are experts in the rights of healthcare workers, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) experts, and leaders involved in helping support whistleblowers. We have more than 30 individuals committed to the effort.
  • Healthcare Journalists & Academics: We also will be working with journalists interested in leveraging ethical journalism and academic passion to combat corporate propaganda and disinformation generated to damage the image of caregivers and patient families suffering medical errors. Academics must speak truth to power and address the current epidemic of academic corruption – undeclared conflict of interest, falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism according to the US Office of Integrity. Here we have more than 20 individuals.
  • Community of Practice: We will be building on an existing community of practice that we have established over 10 years. Building a global team of local teams and a network of networks, we plan to activate leaders to take our work to scale. We average 200-600 on live monthly webinars and 25,000 in our network.